Nesha B. Steen


ADDRESS: 920 Texas Highway 37 Mt. Vernon, TX 75457

OFFICE: 903.537.7777


Nesha was born and raised in East Texas, so Real Estate in this area is second nature to her! Growing up on a farm and then later living in the Dallas area for years, she has a strong grasp on farm/ranch, rural, and urban properties. Back in Northeast Texas, she currently resides with her husband, whom she shares 6 children between the ages of 15 and 21 with... and to complete their family, they have a sweet, one year old grandbaby. 

Nesha began her Real Estate career in 2013 and was known in the area as a motivated hustler… willing to do the work for her clients. After a successful career she decided to branch out and began selling Property and Casualty Insurance where she worked closely with claims representatives on various properties. After learning the ropes and mastering the insurance craft, Nesha now holds dual certifications in both Real Estate and Insurance and has an even better grasp on the entire Real Estate process. Nesha states that to her, “Honesty and integrity are EVERYTHING… and without those, nothing else matters.” So, if you are looking for an honest agent that not only hustles for you, but knows the area like the back of her hand, then Nesha Steen is for you! Don’t hesitate to call her today! 


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