Melba Garcia

Agent Success Manager | REALTOR®

ADDRESS: 2310 Greenhill Rd. Mt Pleasant, TX 75455

OFFICE: 903.572.2400


Melba Garcia has been an East Texas resident for almost 40 years. Together with her three beautiful children, Tanya, Jacob, and Sharon, they have built a beautiful life in Mount Pleasant, TX. Melba has been an integral piece of Mayben Realty since its inception and is often considered the glue that holds it all together. As a bilingual Agent Support/Transaction Coordinator, Melba has extensive knowledge of contracts, MLS, ZipForms, DocuSign, Brokermint, and a plethora of other key real estate technologies. These skills, combined with her extensive knowledge of the area, make her an expert in transaction coordination.

In 2017, Melba achieved her goal of becoming a licensed real estate agent and currently manages two positions within the company. Not only is she a successful agent, she still remains the lead Agent Support/Transaction Coordinator at the Mount Pleasant location, which is now considered Corporate Headquarters in conjunction with the two other Mayben Realty locations, located in Pittsburg and Mt. Vernon, respectively.

Melba brings her professionalism, customer service, versatility, multi-language ability and real estate knowledge to both roles at Mayben Realty… and is an essential part of what makes Mayben Realty a success!


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